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Film Review: Scarlett

If you haven’t had the chance to see “Scarlett” yet, you won’t want to miss the last showings tonight in San Antonio.

Film Review: Scarlett (Theatrical Release)

Scarlett follows the story of Chase and the people whose lives intertwine with his.

Chase is a young man who is thankful for a chance to live after he was given up by his biological mother. He is determined to help as many people as possible as a result of the blessings he has received throughout his life. He is a man of strong faith and is seen praying for wisdom and strength before attempting to help people. As he sets out to be a good Samaritan, time with his adopted family seems slightly strained.

Among the people that Chase assists is his fiancée, Scarlett, who works with him at a construction company. They team up to develop plans for a new church building in the area.

Scarlett is struggling with an illness she tries to hide from those around her as long as she can.

When she finds out that she has an aggressive form of cancer, Chase refuses to give up hope that she can be healed. At a low point, Scarlett begins questioning her faith and becomes angry with God because she feels that she has been faithful to Him and His work throughout her life and doesn’t deserve to die young.

Chase puts everything on hold to spend as much time with Scarlett as possible. He fights to maintain his optimism, but realizes that there is only so much he can do.

Through the questions and doubts, Chase still holds onto his faith and Scarlett comes to terms with the reality she’s facing knowing that she will live out as many days as God gives her.

Chase’s father & grandmother become his source of encouragement as they reassure him that even though everything is falling apart, God is still with Him.

Chase also witnesses a case of domestic violence and vows to help the young woman named Mia break free from her abusive partner. We later find out she is pregnant and runs away from the man abusing her. Chase takes her in, but she gets captured by her abuser once more. Mia’s situation brings her into Chase’s life and he continues to be a light to her and her child.

While the movie at times feels very choppy as it jumps between character’s stories, the overall concept of Scarlett is one of good intentions with its message of helping others where you can & doing God’s work with the time you’ve been given.

Cast includes:
Josiah David Warren – Chase
Chloe Hurst – Scarlett
Stephen Baldwin – Chase’s Father
Amanda Nicole Thomas – Mia Green
David DeLao – Rodney

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