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Scarlett is NOW SHOWING at the Palladium, Silverado, and Northwest theaters – take some time out to see it this week!

Pastor Charles Flowers and his wife joined us for the red carpet movie premiere showing of “Scarlett”. Please take some time to see what he thought of the film!


Thank you to everyone who came out to support Strong Foundation Films at the Scarlett Movie Premiere! It was a very successful evening. There were so many people in attendance that the line outside wrapped around the theater.

We were so glad to have Dr. Alveda King, Judge Crystal Chandler, Charity Farrar, Apostle Sharon Billins, Emma Faye Rudkin, Chloe Hurst, and Amanda Thomas join us. We’d also like to…


We are getting pretty excited and apparently we’re not the only ones 🙂

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San Antonio gets red-carpet premiere with dash of Hollywood

Gala movie premieres, complete with tuxes, limos and a sprinkle of Hollywood glamour, are few and far between in San Antonio. That’s why this news pricked up my ears:

Actor Stephen Baldwin (“The Usual Suspects” and TV’s “The Apprentice”) is among…